Generation lists

Taken from /lustre/alice/sma/v4-16-Rev-08/10TeV/pdc1/LISTS

  • pdc1_resdb_0.txt, pdc1_resdb_100.txt ...pdc1_resdb_107.txt from /u/sma/data/mc/lustre/v4-16-Rev-08
  • pdc1_resdb_merged.txt, merging of pdc1_resdb_100,pdc1_resdb_101,pdc1_resdb_102 (2999 lines)
  • pdc1_resdb_merged_3.txt, merging of pdc1_resdb_100 to pdc1_resdb_107 (5999 lines)

ALERT! /lustre/alice/sma/v4-16-Rev-08/10TeV/pdc1/113420/AliESDs.root is producing a *break* while running in batch farm -> deleted from the lists.

branch/cut ESD1/0.4, ESD2/0.0 production

Path: /media/disk-1/juan/code/09-07-09-final/data-root

Data size generation more
MD.Tree.2009-03-09.v4-16-Rev-06.train.root 993.700 train  
MD.Tree.2009-10-06.04-16-Rev-08.train.nch40.root 97.400 a pdc1_resdb_0.txt cut Nch = 40
MD.Tree.2009-10-07.04-16-Rev-08.train.nch10.root 97.400 a pdc1_resdb_0.txt cut Nch = 10

branch/cut ESD1/0.2, ESD2/0.0 production

Paths :
  • a /media/disk-1/juan/data-unigen/Trees
  • b /media/disk-1/juan/code/09-07-09-final/data-root

Data size generation more
MD.Tree.2009-10-11.04-16-Rev-08.train.root 97.400 a pdc1_resdb_0.txt a cut Nch = 10
new QA, MCT up to $\eta$ = 4
MD.Tree.2009-10-16.04-16-Rev-08.train.root 299.400 a b pdc1_resdb_merged.txt b idem
MD.Tree.2009-10-22.04-16-Rev-08.train.root 598.600 a b pdc1_resdb_merged_3.txt b idem


  • a. AliRoot used in the generation
    @ /lustre/alice/jcastillo/train_tests/09-10-06-nchcut/
    same that for the oficial simulation pointing to script: AliROOT /lustre/alice/sma/soft64/
  • b. batch-farm produced, with @ /lustre/alice/jcastillo/train_tests/09-10-06-nchcut

Simulation details

From the ALICE-GSI Run Catalog

directory generator collision process decay B[T] vtx Rapidity Events AliROOT OCDB(sim/rec)
/lustre/alice/sma/v4-16-Rev-08/10TeV/pdc1 Pythia pp@10TeV PDC kNature 0.5 yes (-12,12) 12.0M v4-16-Rev-08 Ideal/Residual
/lustre/alice/sma/v4-16-Rev-08/10TeV/pdc1_2 Pythia pp@10TeV PDC kNature 0.5 yes (-12,12) 4.2M v4-16-Rev-08 Ideal/Residual

Configuration details

From the list folder (one up) checking you get the AliROOT and the scripts used

 ./aliroot -b -q $MYDIR/sim.C
    ./aliroot -b -q $MYDIR/rec.C
       ./aliroot -b -q $MYDIR/RunMakers.C
       ./aliroot -b -q $ALICE_ROOT/TRD/qaRec/run.C

Then go to 'which aliroot' folder 'macros' and check Config.C
To check the PYTHIA version: in the working folder: /lustre/alice/jcastillo/train_tests/09-10-06-nchcut/tests

.L Config.C                                     
TPythia6* pythia6  = new TPythia6();      

ALERT! This is PYTHIA version 6.214 Last date of change: 22 Jan 2003
Topic revision: r1 - 2010-04-08, JuanCastillo
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