Data generation more
MD.histos.2009-03-09.v4-16-Rev-06.train.root train original
MD.histos.v4-16-Rev-06.root -- renamed
hPtESD1 = ESDeta09pt04_All_dNdPt
hEtaESD1 = ESDeta09pt04_All_dNdEta
hNchESD1 = ESDeta09pt04_All_PNch
(ESD2=pt00, idem for MCT)
MD.histos.2009-10-06.04-16-Rev-08.train.nch40.root a pdc1_resdb_0.txt ESD1/0.4
cut Nch = 40 only affects to dNdPt_High, dNdPt_Low
MD.histos.2009-10-07.04-16-Rev-08.train.nch10.root a pdc1_resdb_0.txt ESD1/0.4
cut Nch = 10 only affects to dNdPt_High, dNdPt_Low
MD.histos.pt04.v4-16-Rev-08.root -- renamed pt04 samples
cut Nch = 10, dNdPt_High_Nch10, dNdPt_Low_Nch10
cut Nch = 40 dNdPt_High_Nch40, dNdPt_Low_Nch40
MD.histos.2009-10-11.04-16-Rev-08.train.root a pdc1_resdb_0.txt ESD1/0.2
cut Nch = 10
new QA, MCT up to $\eta$ = 4
MD.histos.v4-16-Rev-08.root -- renamed and merged of
pt04 "pt00" histos renamed "_old"
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