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P6319 P6319-new TParticle UParticle meaning
- - - fIndex index of this particle
id id fPdgCode fPdg PDG code
- StatusCode fStatusCode fStatus Status
- - fMother[2] - Indices of the mother particles
- - - fParent Index of parent
- - - fParentDecay Parent decay index
- - - fMate index of last collision partner
- - - fDecay decay index (-1 if not decayed)
fDaughter[2] fChild[2] index of first and last child
px px fPx fPx px (GeV)
py py fPy fPy py (GeV)
pz pz fPz fPz pz (GeV)
- energy fE fE Energy (GeV)
- Vx fVx fX x (fm)
- Vy fVy fY y (fm)
- Vz fVz fZ z (fm)
- Vt fVt fT t (fm)
- Weight fWeight fWeight weight
mass mass GetCalcMass() - mass
rap rap - - -
eventnum eventnum - - event number
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