HEPiX Fall 2005 at SLAC

Montag: Collaboration tools SIG

  • Ich

  • Alexandre Lossent: Collaborative tools in NICE
    • Microsoft, Mircosoft, Microsoft
    • All OS are supported plus MacOS X dead!

  • Steven M. Goldfarb - The LCG RTAG on Collaborative Tools - Part 2
    • Brilliante Empfehlungen

  • Christian Helft: Collaboration at IN2P3 and Future Deployments of Video Conferencing in HEP

  • Alexandre Lossent: Web hosting Services at CERN
    • 25 Server für 2000000 Requests/Tag = 1 Request/Server/sec ???
    • Recommended Setup: Frontpage, ASP, VBscript :-{


  • Jonathan Dorfan: Perspectives on Cumputing at SLAC

  • Martin Bly: RAL Site Report

  • Alexander Withers: BNL (RHIC + USATLAS) site report
    • NFS -> Panasas
    • STK SL8500 + LTO3, Linux data movers
    • Samhain

  • Roberto Gomezel: INFN site report

  • Peter Gronbech: Oxford Site Report

  • Corrie Kost: TRIUMF Site Report
    • Google search appliance
    • ATLAS T1: 10 GE Verbindung zum CERN
    • Nachfolge für Corrie
    • Request Tracker

  • Jonathan Schaeffer: CC-IN2P3 Site Report

  • Walter: GSI Site Report

  • Hege Hansbakk: Managing software licenses in a large organization
    • LicMon: Frontend zur Lizenz-Verwaltung verschiedener Systeme wie FlexLM, MS SMS, MathLM u. ä.

  • Ruben Gaspar Aparicio: Progress report in CERN Certification authority deployment and Single Sign On with Certificates

  • John Gordon: RAL Progress in Single Sign On

  • Richard Mount: Scientific Computing at SLAC
    • Abschaltung von BaBar
    • Neuorientierung: Kipac, LCLS
    • PetaCache: Memory-only Cluster mit Xrootd
    • SLAC Computer center: 1 MegaWatt Stromverbrauch

  • Bob Cowles: Security Update
    • Kain & Abel

  • Marc Mengel: Fermilab Plone Update
    • 0.5 FTE


  • Manfred Alef: GridKA Site Report
    • T1 für LHC + BaBar, CDS, Compass
    • Wasserkühlung überfordert
    • Anstieg des dCache Durchsatz von 50 MB/s auf 200 MB/s nach Umstieg von ext3 nach GPFS

  • Pierrick Micout: DAPNIA Site Report

  • Michele Jouvin: LAL Site Report
    • Trac
    • phpICalendar
    • Up- & Download von iCals über WebDAV

  • Sabah Salih: Manchester Site Report

  • Kelvin Edwards: JLAB Site Report

  • Fraser R. Speirs: ScotGrid Site Report

  • Stephan Wiesand: DESY Site Report

  • Cary Whitney: NERSC Site Report


  • Hugo Cacote: Testing High Performance Tape Drives at CERN
    • cernTapeTestUtil

  • Helge Meinhard: Computer Hardware and Procurement at CERN


  • Standards sind toll! (Dell Netzwerk-Kabel)

-- ChristopherHuhn - 10 Oct 2005
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