Chroot installation on lxsarge64

  • Create target directory /SystemBoot/template
  • Create the system in that directory with debootstrap
  • The syntax is debootstrap --arch $ARCH --include=$INCLUDE --exclude=$EXCLUDE $SYS $TARGET $SOURCE
  • with (lxsarge64:bin/
    • ARCH=amd64
    • INCLUDE=ssh,joe,lilo,portmap,xfsprogs,discover,postfix,less,passwd,resolvconf,
apt-utils,debconf-doc,debconf-utils,libterm-readline-gnu-perl,libnet-ldap-perl, console-tools,syslog-ng,module-init-tools
    • EXCLUDE=pcmcia-cs,ppp,pppconfig,pppoe,pppoeconf,dhcp-client,exim4,exim4-base,
exim4-config,exim4-daemon-light,mailx,at,fdutils,info,modconf,libident,logrotate, exim,cfengine2,tiger
    • SYS=sarge
    • TARGET=/SystemBoot/template
    • SOURCE=

  • Copy /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/resolv.conf
  • Go into the chroot (lxsarge64:bin/
  • mount -t proc none /proc
  • Do apt-get update and perhaps apt-get -f install
  • Do dpkg --configure --pending

-- ThomasRoth - 17 Nov 2005
Topic revision: r1 - 2005-11-17, ThomasRoth
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