Naohito IWASA, Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH, Planckstr. 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany Present Address: Department of Physics, Tohoku University Aza-aoba, Aramaki, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8678, Japan


A precise knowledge of phase-space-density distributions of relativistic heavy ions penetrating through layers of matter in ion-optical systems taking into account of higher-order image aberrations is important for experiments with energetic secondary beams. For this purpose, the Monte Carlo code MOCADI was developed in the late 1980's by T. Schwab, H. Geissel, and A. Magel on IBM computers with PL/I language. MOCADI has been used for design studies of the fragment separator (FRS) at GSI and is used for preparation and analysis of the experimental programme at the FRS. MOCADI is an excellent tool for studying beam properties, luminosity, separation quality, implantation profiles, optimization of the experimental setup, and transmission. We translated MOCADI into C-language on the DEC VMS operating system and LINUX and improved its input and output format. CERN-standard one and two dimensional histograms (HBOOK) and list-mode output (NTUPLE) are available. Precise knowledge of the nuclear and atomic interaction of relativistic heavy ions with matter is necessary. The latter was tested in a series of experiments [C. Scheidenberger et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 50 (1994); C. Scheidenberger et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 3987 (1996).] which lead to an improved theory. MOCADI includes this in form of the energy loss code for heavy ions ATIMA-1.0. If you have any problems with MOCADI, please mail to Naohito Iwasa.

Environment Setup

MOCADI on LINUX at GSI: The program is maintained by Helmut Weick (, simply start the program /u/weick/mocadi/mocadi "inputfile" To run PAW you need a path to the paw directory, this can be set by typing ". cernlogin" at the command prompt. Of course you will include this line in your shell configuration file e.g. ".kshrc".

MOCADI on RIKEN VMS cluster: All files of MOCADI are in the rik$np1:[rips.mocadi] directory on the alpha-cluster. To use MOCADI, it is necessary for you to execute the command procedure rik$np1:[rips.mocadi] please type @rik$np1:[rips.mocadi]setup before running MOCADI. The command procedure sets the following logical names and creates the command MOCADI.

$ def/nolog mocadi_root rik$np1:[iwasa.mocadi] 
$ def/nolog mocadi_data rik$np1:[] 
$ def/nolog mocadi_matrix rik$np1:[iwasa.mocadi.gicomat] 
$ def/nolog mocadi_exe rik$np1:[iwasa.mocadi.exe] 
$ mocadi :==$mocadi_exe:mocadi-34-31.exe

MOCADI input files

A MOCADI input file (the default extension is ".in") is necessary for executing MOCADI. The input file consists of comment lines and keyword lines as shown in APPENDIX. The keywords are not case sensitive.



Comments can be inserted at any place in the input file as line comments and block comments.

Line Comment

* line of comment

Block Comments



The "END" keyword marks the end of an input file. The keyword should be written at least once in a MOCADI input file. Keywords that follow the "END" keyword are ignored.


How to use PAW

*                                                    *
*            W E L C O M E    to   P A W             *
*                                                    *
*       Version 2.06/00       9 November 1994        *
*                                                    *
Workstation type (?=HELP) =1 :
Enter terminal number (1:X-terminal, 7879:TEX4010, 0:no graphic)
Version 1.21/12 of HIGZ started
 => Start of system login
=>End of system login. User login commands now starting

 *** MACRO/EXEC: macro file SYS$LOGIN:PAWLOGON.KUMAC not found


PAW > n/print 1              (print information at save 1)

* NTUPLE ID=    1  ENTRIES= 103579   Save 1
*  Var numb  *   Name    *    Lower     *    Upper     *
*      1     * X         * -.164687E+01 * 0.176604E+01 *
*      2     * A         * -.137222E+02 * 0.135885E+02 *
*      3     * Y         * -.134754E+01 * 0.136219E+01 *
*      4     * B         * -.629065E+01 * 0.626050E+01 *
*      5     * energy    * 0.256659E+03 * 0.271148E+03 *
*      6     * time      * 0.923414E+00 * 0.977539E+00 *
*      7     * mass      * 0.802461E+01 * 0.802461E+01 *
*      8     * z         * 0.500000E+01 * 0.500000E+01 *
*      9     * electron  * 0.000000E+00 * 0.000000E+00 *
*     10     * nf_nsf    * 0.888366E+00 * 0.896811E+00 *
*     11     * range     * 0.000000E+00 * 0.000000E+00 *
*     12     * tof       * 0.923414E+00 * 0.977539E+00 *
*     13     * dE        * 0.343888E+03 * 0.376508E+03 *
*     14     * brho      * 0.000000E+00 * 0.000000E+00 *
*     15     * weight    * 0.000000E+00 * 1.000000E+00 *

PAW > n/plot 1.x
                   (plot an 1D-histogram of x position at save 1)
PAW > n/plot 1.x%y
                   (plot a 2D-histogram of x v.s. y of save 1)
PAW > n/plot 1.x Energy>100
                   (plot an 1D-histogram of x gated by E>100 A MeV)
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