-- MathiasMuench - 20 Oct 2008

LSF Batch Host status für Nagios
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_snmp -P 1 -C public -p 163 -m LSF-SNMP-MIB -H lxlsf1 -w 5:4 -c 3:2 -o

LSF Batch Host Names
snmpwalk -v 1 -c public -m LSF-SNMP-MIB -Ov -OQ lxlsf1:163 lsbHostName

E-Mail Prefixes and Passwords from Wiki (for Nagios), /tmp/xx contains list of wiki names
lxwww01:~# for i in $(cat /tmp/xx); do grep Email.*gsi.de $i.txt | sed -e 's/^.*: //' -e 's/@.*$//' | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]; grep $i /var/www/wiki.gsi.de/data/.htpasswd; done

Massen-Kommando für Nagios
while read; do echo "[$(date +%s)] ACKNOWLEDGE_HOST_PROBLEM;$REPLY;1;1;1;Mathias Muench;Stromabschaltung"; done >/var/lib/nagios2/rw/nagios.cmd

LSF Batch infos in Config verwandeln
ssh lxi008 ". /LSF/lsf/conf/profile.lsf; /LSF/lsf/bin/bhosts -R sarge32" | sed 1d | tr -s \  | cut -d\  -f1 | while read; do echo "{../LSF_Batch_Hosts/$REPLY/Jobs},+,"; done

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_generic -n "LSF Batch Host Status" -e "snmpget -v 1 -c public -m LSF-SNMP-MIB -Oq -Ov lxlsf1:163" -o "=~/ok|closed/" -w "=~/unavail|unreach/"

cfengine hosts
cfshow --last-seen | grep '^[0-9]' | cut -d\  -f1 | sort -u | while read; do host $REPLY; done | grep pointer | cut -d\  -f5 | cut -d\. -f1

Tote SNMP Agents
perl -e 'print reverse <>' /var/log/torrus/collector.IT.log | sed '/Rebuilding/q' | grep unreach | sed -e 's/:161:public//' -e 's/.*: //' | sort -u | while read; do host $REPLY; done

Tote NFS Filesysteme
mount | sort -u | awk '$1 ~ /:/ { print $1 }' | while read; do ping -c 1 ${REPLY%:*} || umount -l $REPLY; done
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