Notes for the first CScourse Set first CS_Start.ini as following: Linux!!! (Clients)

DSC DataSupervisory and Control

import DSC-tags (done by)

run CS

But: small security inside: the computers are listed in the database. Unfortunately an Access database is used. (Windows ODBC system is used. In order to connect with SQL a SQL-ODBC interface must be used. (MySQL would have been the better choice???? in order to be a bit closer to free software;-)))


list of the instances. At the top left one can change the given information. Default: living time of the instance (object). enlarge the window to get more information;-)

Connect gives the connection to a known PC. KILL is a real kill!!! One can kill processes on ALL machines.

UserGOG GOG Generic Object GUI

new object creation; press Add Object. Watchdog of Super pings the objects periodically.

It's possible to create

The first event gets lost (always!!!!!!). This is because of the network start. Check the check boxes of create and edit (Enable, AutoCreate and so on...) important for scripting with the userGOG.

Remove parts which are not supported by Linux. In order to do that: press the run arrow and check the errormessages. For temporarily use don't save the VIs.

other stuff

Eventmechanism: Calling VIs done via different types of "calls":

Sinple, Synchronious, Asynchronious, Notification

Message queue definitions!!!
format: lvmsg:/object/selector

EditClass nice vi for editing classes object ant methods therin.

Before creating a new class: close LabView and start from scratch!!! (because of...)

-- MarcRStockmeier - 12 Sep 2005
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