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Isospin IQMD

Explicit Pauli-Blocking steered via idas8. If switched on, fluctuations might be larger.

In inputfile 8 -/+CBA.pot
  • negative: explicit Pauli Blocking
  • positive: averaged Pauli Blocking
  • A=1 standard 3-body-term
  • A=2 Cascade mode
  • C determines asymmetry
    • C=1, γ=0 linear
    • C=2, γ=-1/3 (means Δρ^((1+γ)=2/3)
    • C=3, γ=1
    • C=4, γ=1/3
  • B determines Delta weights
    • B=0,1 no weights for Deltas, they do not contribute to Δρ
    • B=2 will conserve Asymmetry-Energy in inelastic collisions
      • NN->DN (z.B. pp -> D++n), D++=2, D+=1, D0=-1, D-=-2
    • B=3 will conserve Asymmetry Energy in delta decay
      • D++=1, D+=1/3, D0=-1/3 D-=-1

Deltas in IQMD

Deltas are treated as heavy nucleons:
  • Skyrme + mdi
  • Yukawa
  • Coulomb
  • kein asy-pot (DASUP(8) = 8ax with a=2,3)
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