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If you have questions about the documentation maintainance, contact: George Serbanut (please use the key WIKI4PANDA@GSI in your subject - not mandatory!). If you have questions about the contains of the WIKI documentation pages, ask on the PANDA HyperNews System or follow this link.


Everything has a beginning! If you are new and you don't have any idea how to start with the PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE, follow this link.

If you know what you are looking for, go to the Documentation and skip this part. Don't forget our recommendations about how to write a code in PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE!


It is important for everyone to speak the same language. So, before writing any code for the PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE, read our coding recommendation.


This is topic related chapter. Newcomer, developer or expert in PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE, it doesn't matter. All you need to know is if you are looking for an internal documentation (written by our experts) or some external documentation (BaBar simulation software experts, C/C++ programming experts, TCL programming experts sosf).

Internal Documentation

Here you can find a browser for the HOWTOs and the TUTORIALS written by our PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE experts.

External Documentation

Here you can find a browser for the documentation recommended by our PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE experts.


Our language is not only English or Computing Language. We extended our common language for fast expressing. So, if you don't understand some of our abbreviations, don't panic, enter here.


Too much time invested in searching for your needed documentation. Search this site by keywords!


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