Everything has a start. As a newcomer, the major thing is to learn some basics about this software. So, here are some hints about what you should know about PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE (PSS).

The most important thing in starting with this software is to learn about OOP (Object Oriented Programming). As a hint for the OOP, I could say the OOP is the best way to distribute the tasks of computer programming from a big project among the software developers. Also, in order to make your code easier to be read (and, of course, to be developed) and to increase your program speed in execution, OOP provides exactly the tool you need. But, maybe the most important feature of the OOP is your code can be re-usable. How can all these features can be achieve, that's a question I would like you to find out the answer after you will study C++ (internal, or documentation) and XML.

"Work faster and better!" We all hear these words from our bosses. Even they are spoken or not that's something that pleases our supervisors. What to do about it? Well, there are two problems here: working faster and working better. Let's consider you have a simulation to perform and you have different sets of values for the parameters you use. If you are forced to change all the time those values inside the code, you have to compile the code everytime you modify a value. That's something which is time consuming and, for sure, boring! PSS developers group thought about this problem and the solution is TCL. Also, our experts recommend a tool for increasing your productivity, named BOOST library. Just take your time and read this documentation, it will save you a lot of time in the future!

OK! Now, if you read about C++ Standard Template Library and MySQL, you have the basic knowledge for understanding how PSS framework is coded.

To work properly within the PSS framework, you need to understand how CVS, CLHEP, GEANT4 and ROOT work.

So, now you are ready to start properly with the PSS!

But what shoud you know about PSS? Good question! Here are some hints written by our experts:

or external tutorials (media files) presented by BaBar Simulation Software (BSS) developers group (since PSS is based on the BSS framework) and BFROOT workbook.

At this level, you have enough knowledge to work with PSS.

Have fun and welcome to PANDA SIMULATION SOFTWARE collaboration!


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Author: George Serbanut

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