-- SebastianKupny - 18 Apr 2012

(based on information given by M.Al Turany)

How to check if detector has overplaping areas

To check if your geometry is defined in wrong way, i.e. appears some overlaps for some elements you can use followed instructions:

1. To see this yo can run the eventdisplay.C macro, then open a TBrowser, select FAIRGeom in the Browser, klick the right mouse and choose checkoverlaps, this will fill the list of illegal overlaps which you can draw by clicking the items. Or from the command linea fter you create the TGeoManager (run the evendisplay.C) :


2. Like above run the eventdisplay.C macro, then call root commands:

root [5]  gGeoManager->CheckOverlaps ()
Info in <TGeoNodeMatrix::CheckOverlaps>: Checking overlaps for cave and daughters within 0.1
Check overlaps:      [==========] 5007 [100.00 %]   TIME 00:00:00             
Info in <TGeoNodeMatrix::CheckOverlaps>: Number of illegal overlaps/extrusions : 0

root [6] gGeoManager->GetListOfOverlaps()->ls()
OBJ: TObjArray   TObjArray   An array of objects : 0
root [7] 

Example above is for LAND detector - there is no overlaps:)
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