As the CurrentLeadBoxes will be placed near by the power supplies within the buildings 1,2,3 cold electrical connections between the current lead boxes and the local FeedBoxes at the synchrotron level are required.

In Figure 1 the simplified flow diagram for the cooling of one current circuit is given. The local feed box will be supplied with supercritical helium from building 1. There the total helium flow will be subcooled. The flow is split up into the two main streams for the supply of two adjacent sectors and some smaller stream supplying the bus bars. The current lead boxes will be supplied with helium through the flexible superconducting link. The same cable as for the magnets will be used as a bus bar within the link. Every circuit requires two cables. One cable will be fed with high pressure helium in the local feed box. Along the cable the helium will be throttled and partly evaporate. In current lead box the helium will cool the CurrentLeads. Than the helium stream is split into two streams. The liquid stream is fed through the second cable and will cool that bus bar. The vapour stream is merged with the vapour streams of the other circuits and fed through an additional tube in the flexible superconducting link. To allow this flow scheme an orifice will be build in at the inlet of the returning cable. The cooling gas for the copper part of the current leads will supplied by the shielding line of the transfer line. The heat inleak of the transfer line will be in the range to supply a temperature below 55K.

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