-- SebastianKupny - 07 Dec 2011

1. Description and what happens

bad construction of function in function
GetEvent( )

No returned value in case when status==3

2. Where

Asyeos Fiarroot environment, revision: 13711
, function
GetEvent( ) Line 50

Int_t MbsFile::GetEvent()
 void* evtptr =&fxEvent; 
 void* buffptr=&fxBuffer; 

 Int_t status=f_evt_get_event(fxInputChannel, (Int_t**)evtptr,(Int_t**) buffptr);
//02062011 PrintEventHeader();
// PrintBufferHeader();
 if (status==0) {
//  cout << "got an event, it's nr: "<<fuEventCounter<<endl;
  return status;}
 else if (status==3){cout << "This is last event"<<endl;}
  cout << "Error getting event: "<< endl;
  return status;}

See /asyeosroot/trunk/Mbs/MbsFile.cxx

3. Output

No information

4. How to generate error

No information

5. Additional info

Reported in Asyeos collaboration EVO meeteng on 30. NOV 2011

Unknown influence for analysis in other projects based on Fairroot framework.
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