The femtoscopy group at GSI provides a working environment for local (Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Heidelberg) people interested in femtoscopy analysis, i.e. deducing the parameters of the particle source from identical and non-identical particle correlations. The main goals are analysis of ALICE data and publication of CERES results. The main software package is UNICOR. General studies of femtoscopy methods are possible using UnitedGenerators.



  • envisioned topics
    • continue pi pi in ALICE and expand to other species using TOF
    • getting ready for PbPb (Simone sets up a todo list)
      • Jorge produces PbPb simulation events
      • Johanna continues Jorge's two-track resolution studies
      • Simone investigates the impact of momentum resolution
    • azimuthal HBT (Johanna)
    • HBT in diffraction events
    • HBT in events with/without jets

  • more technical stuff
    • AOD interface to UNICOR
    • getting UNICOR to run in the ALICE event-mixing mode
    • rotating vs mixing in ALICE - understanding the difference

  • infrastructure
    • this wiki page for meeting minutes (Dariusz)
    • indico for presentations (Dariusz)
    • experimental paper list (Sebastian)
    • source radius database (Sebastian)
    • meetings attached to the analysis meetings, next ones on May 5, 12, 26 at 9:30


  • Jorge and Johanna produced 1000 PbPb Therminator events
  • wiki (this one) and indico are ready


  • Jorge and Johanna are preparing macros for an official PbPb production
  • first correlation functions for pions, kaons, and protons and unlike combinations are available from UNICOR for 7 TeV data
  • the official ALICE offline AOD and ESD mixing works fine with multiplicity bins (after a bug fix), next step is to run UNICOR in this scheme (Dariusz)
  • the difference between the radii obtained using mixing and rotating is still 20% in the high statistics 900 GeV data; btw., CMS also sees such a difference (Dariusz)


  • the 1000 PbPb events were analyzed using the PWG3 performance train; the apparent effiiciency was 50% because of Therminator storing 2 tracks per particle
  • Sebastian will publish list of experimental papers on HBT in pp
  • Jorge will use Panos' and Pauls help to prepare the author list for the draft

-- DariuszMiskowiec - 13 Apr 2010
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