EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2006
Infrastructure and Software Development

Matthias Clausen, DESY:
"Summary of CSS / Eclipse SIG Workshop"

  • ppt pdf
  • Eclipse
  • CSS
    • CSS core prototype in fall 2006
    • CSS application end of 2006
    • DATA Access Layer Connection to EPICS
    • Management: Authentication/Authorization
    • "independent of EPICS"
      • can also be used on top of other control systems
    • Workshop August at DESY for core
  • Alarm Handler
    • JMS (M.Clausen)
    • alh replaced by an IOC push to the message queue

Kenneth Evans, Argonne:
"An EPICS IDE using Eclipse"

Emma Shepherd, Diamond:
"The Future of VDCT"

  • ppt pdf
  • visualdct.cosylab.com

Tom Pelaia, ORNL:
"EPICS with Cocoa"

  • pdf
  • Cocoa: Apple Computer's native object-oriented application programming environment for the Mac OS X operating system
  • EDM on the Mac
  • Plugins for SAFARI Browser of Mac
    • ⇒ general Plug/-ins for other Browsers could provide full GUI-"Beauty" w/o X-Motif !!

Ron MacKenzie, SLAC:
"Application error reporting with 'Err'"

  • ppt pdf
  • "Java/C++ exceptions an Message Logging"
  • CORBA is used !!
    • CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture
    • Wikipedia: en, de

Andrei Liyu, ORNL:
"IOC - Relational DB Connectivity Bridge"

  • ppt pdf

Margaret Votava, FNAL:
"Distributed Development Environment for ILCTA"

  • ppt pdf
  • EPICS as control system for DAQ? (Nova?)

Terri Lahey, SLAC:
"LCLS network and support planning"

  • ppt pdf
  • EPICS also to control
    • networks ?
    • switches ?

Tony Vento, National Instruments:
"LabVIEW to EPICS interface tools"

  • http://www.sns.gov
  • Lookout:
    • Communication between different Targets ("shared variables) in LV8, I/O-Server in about ½ year
    • LV is running on vxWorks (to be announced in autumn)

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