CUDA_DP_ION_RLC is a tool for trapped charged particles in Cuda C, developed by Jochen Steinmann from GSI. The main aspect of the mathematical modelling is the mutual influence of ion and circuit quantities. The ion dynamics can be described by a force balance equation. The forces considered in our simulations are the magnetic field force $ \vec{F}_B $, the electrostatic field force $ \vec{F}_E $, the damping force as a result of the coupling to the circuit $ \vec{F}_D $ and the ion-ion interaction $ \vec{F}_I $.

Table of Contents

1. Installation Guide

2. Setting Path

3. Initial files (positions and velocities of the ion's)

4. Matlab-start file

5. Numerical Simulation - Adam Bashforth-Moulton

6. Kernel (functions)

7. Program flow and starting the program

8. Starting the program

9. Data analysis

10. Program expansion

11. Hardware and Software

12. References

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