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C++ Development

C++ FAQs and useful links

STL: The Standard Template Library

SGI's Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

BOOST libraries

"...one of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world." — Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards

How to build Boost on Windows

How to build Boost on Linux

First of all you need to build a bjam tool:
cd <jam source location>
sh ./build.sh
cd <BOOS Install Dir>/tools/build/jam_src/
sh ./build.sh

Then you can build a Boost library:
cp <BOOS Install Dir>/tools/build/jam_src/bjam <BOOS Install Dir>/bjam
bjam "-sTOOLS=gcc"

64 bit

GNU Compiler Collection

G++ 4.1

(Release: Active development)

G++ 3.4

(Release: November 4, 2004)

GCC 3.4.3: Changes, New Features, and Fixes

ALERT!Migration Guide for gcc 3.4

G++ 3.2

(Release: April 25, 2003)

GCC 3.2 Release Series: : Changes, New Features, and Fixes

GCC 3.2.3 Documentation page.

ALERT!Migration Guide: from gcc 2.95 to gcc 3.2
ALERT!Known Bugs and Issues

GCC 3.2 has many improvements. Among others, ... with gcc 3.2 come a host of performance improvements, including full support the for [sic] Athlon, Athlon XP, Pentium III, Pentium 4 and PowerPC G4 processors. This also includes support for the MMX, SSE SSE2, 3DNow! and AltiVec instruction sets. The gcc-3.2 also produces significantly tighter code than the gcc 2.95.x series and even the 3.1 series of compilers. ...
GCC 3.2 follows ANSI standards much more closely than previous versions of GCC.

Some commands

  • nm - list symbols from object files.
  • objdump - display information from object files.
  • ltrace - a library call tracer.
  • readelf - displays information about ELF files.
  • ldd - print shared library dependencies.


MS Visual Studio

I strongly suggest using MSDN (WEB, or better local copy of it) during the MS development. MSDN - is amazing base of knowledge and contains almost everything you would every need in MS Windows development.

MS Visual C++ .Net

A compendium of short cuts, tips and tricks, features, whatcha-may-callits for the Visual Studio .NET IDE: VS .NET IDE Tips/Trickes

COM: Component Object Model Technologies

COM Home

ATL: Active Template Library

WTL: Windows Template Library


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EnumProcesses and bring the current wnd. to the foreground.

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