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SynCE - The tools

Try these tools that send commands to the remote device. They must be executed by the user that is running dccm.

Note for Debian users: Prepend synce- to the tool names!
pcp   copy files
pls   list directory contents
pmkdir   make directory
pmv   move (rename) files
prm   remove file
prmdir   remove an empty directory
prun   run a program
pstatus   display status about remote device
synce-install-cab   install a .cab file
Contributed tools

Download and chmod a+x

2005-06-15 Michel Acuna has contributed the pdabk bash script to backup files from a Windows CE device. View the script source for documentation.

2004-09-02 Adrian Dimulescu has written a PocketWord converter. It can convert .pwi/.psw documents into OpenOffice sxw, HTML, and plain text.

2004-05-04 Henrik Isacsson has contributed the pcp-r script to recursively copy a directory to or from a Windows CE device. Run the script without parameters to get help.

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