is there any reason why neither rtdb->initContainers(...) nor (HSpectrometer*)setup->init()
are checked for their return values and return a kFALSE?
Bool_t Hades::init(void) 
// This function initializes Hades. This includes initialization of the
// reconstructors, the data source and the detectors.
rtdb->initContainers(fDataSource->getCurrentRunId(), <--------
 fDataSource->getCurrentRefId()); <--------
  setup->init(); <--------
if (!fDataSource->init()){
printf("nError in fDataSource->init()n");
return kFALSE;
if (fSecondDataSource) {
if (!fSecondDataSource->init()){
printf("nError in fSecondDataSource->init()n");
return kFALSE;
Int_t vers=((fCurrentEvent->getHeader()->getVersion()));

if (!initTasks()) return kFALSE;
return kTRUE;


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