Wiki as Calendar

Our Wiki has the Calendar plugin installed. This is in use in various topics, you can create your own on you Wiki home page, too. On that page, you write something like
%CALENDAR{showweekdayheaders="1"  weekstartsonmonday="1"}%

and add a table such as
  • 17 Oct 2014 Create Wiki tip
  • A 26 Oct 2017 Revolution
  • A 11 Nov Karneval

(were the A stands for anniversary).

This will automagically put a calendar with these dates on your Wiki page.

Details on all the syntax and goodies of the calendar plugin:

Calendar notifications

Since the Action Tracker Plugin is also installed, it can be used to have your calendar send you emails about upcoming events. You add some lines such as
%ACTION{ created="2014-10-17" creator="Main.ThomasRoth" due="2014-11-06" notify="Main.ThomasRoth" state="open" uid="001513" who="Main.ThomasRoth" }% Important Meeting %ENDACTION%

to the page with you calendar.

The Wiki server is running a cron job that checks all Action Trackers and sends a daily mail at noon about events up to 2 days ahead, and once per week a mail about upcoming events for the next four weeks.

Details on all the syntax and goodies of the Action Tracker Plugin:

-- ThomasRoth - 17 Oct 2014
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