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GSI Wiki's Linux web The Linux web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2019 by contributing authors GSI Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of GSI Wiki GSI Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Linux DebianVersion Debian@GSI We are running Debian GNU/Linux, primarily release 8 (Jessie) at the moment. For further information on our road map take a look at the ReleasePlan. Refer ... (last changed by StefanHaller) 2019-06-04T13:25:12Z StefanHaller PythonModules Introduction If you require python modules on farm machines that are not yet available there are 3 possible ways to get this fixed: 1 Check if the module has been ... (last changed by MatteoDessalvi) 2019-06-03T11:31:42Z MatteoDessalvi KronosCluster Kronos Cluster //DocumentGraphics/go_forward.gif Usage //DocumentGraphics/go_forward.gif Accounting (requires login) Facts LAUNCH Q2/2015 SCHEDULER Slurm ... (last changed by SergeyBoldyrev) 2019-06-03T01:07:40Z SergeyBoldyrev WebHome Linux at GSI Contact * The HPC Group announces operational issues over the GSI LINUX ALL mailing list! All owners of a LinuxAccount are automatically subscribed ... (last changed by ChristopherHuhn) 2019-05-28T17:09:42Z ChristopherHuhn SoftwareInCvmfs Software in /cvmfs Some scientific software suites are not available as Debian packages or the version packaged with Debian is too old or too new. Thus HPC provides ... (last changed by DenisBertini) 2019-05-17T09:11:14Z DenisBertini PrintingHowto How to print with CUPS Starting with Debian Squeeze we migrated to a new printserver using the Common Unix Print System (CUPS). CUPS offers ... (last changed by StefanHaller) 2019-05-09T09:26:38Z StefanHaller UnifiedLustre Unified Lustre mount point * beamer_UmzugLustre.pdf: Unified Lustre mount point Issue at hand * Lustre mount point names (/hera, /lustre/nyx, /lustre/hebe) ... (last changed by ChristopherHuhn) 2019-04-17T15:21:39Z ChristopherHuhn LustreFs Lustre file systems at GSI File system State //DocumentGraphics/go_forward.gif Nyx PRODUCTION //DocumentGraphics/go_forward.gif Hebe ... (last changed by ThomasRoth) 2019-03-04T11:40:51Z ThomasRoth HebeFs Lustre file system Hebe //DocumentGraphics/go_back.gif Lustre //DocumentGraphics/go_forward.gif Group Usage (requires login) Facts Access Kronos cluster Path ... (last changed by SergeyBoldyrev) 2019-02-19T16:40:07Z SergeyBoldyrev NyxFs Lustre file system Nyx //DocumentGraphics/go_back.gif Lustre //DocumentGraphics/go_forward.gif Group Usage (requires login) Facts Access Kronos cluster Path ... (last changed by SergeyBoldyrev) 2019-02-18T17:32:13Z SergeyBoldyrev SshUsage Introduction The SSH (Secure Shell) utility is used to establish remote connections using the command line. Simply connect to one of the interactive Linux machines ... (last changed by ChristopherHuhn) 2019-02-12T13:33:30Z ChristopherHuhn SoftwaredevelopmentGsi Software Development Tools at GSI LinuxFarm For additionial software provided by several scientific groups see also SoftwareInCvmfs Compilers * GnuCompilers ... (last changed by MatteoDessalvi) 2019-02-11T11:12:07Z MatteoDessalvi ReleasePlan Since older versions of Debian Linux are supported for a limited time only, we are forced to update all Linux systems at regular intervals. Debian Releases (→ DebianMirror ... (last changed by MatteoDessalvi) 2018-12-18T10:26:57Z MatteoDessalvi CvmFs CernVM FS The distribution of custom software for user groups on the HPC infrastructure is provided using the Cern Virtual Machine File System (CernVM FS). CernVM ... (last changed by StefanHaller) 2018-12-05T11:29:01Z StefanHaller SambaConnection Samba Access to Linux file systems via samba Available file systems Some Linux file systems are accessible via Samba from a server named samba. The following shares ... (last changed by StefanHaller) 2018-12-04T15:24:43Z StefanHaller DebianMirror Debian mirror at GSI The HPC Department maintains a mirror of the Debian Archive for software deployment on the LinuxFarm. The archives are available for use inside ... (last changed by MatteoDessalvi) 2018-11-14T14:45:27Z MatteoDessalvi
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