SubVersion web frontends

3 different SVN web frontends are currently evaluated:

Tool Debian package Tested Version Implementation authz-Support RSS feeds !PathInfo-URLs Syntax highlighting blame/annotateSorted ascending Search Remarks
WebSVN DebPkg:websvn 1.61-13 PHP DONE DONE (Links in feeds only leads to directory view ?!) DONE DONE DONE (ugly) commit messages Some funny display "effects"
Trac DebPkg:trac 0.10.3-1~bpo.1 Python DONE DONE (Granularity Subtree/File) DONE DONE ALERT! announced for next release (0.11) DONE commit messages (aka. changesets) (plus wiki and Issue tracker) Full bleed SCM solution including wiki and issue tracker
ViewVC DebPkg:viewvc, DebPkg:viewvc-query 1.0.3-2+gsi.1 (Sid backport) Python ALERT! announced for next release (1.1) DONE Uses a MySQL DB as backend, only repository level granularity? DONE DONE DONE by author, file (combinations possible, but no commit message searching.
Uses a MySQL DB as backend, no separation between repositories?

Support for SubVersion's repository access control definitions
Filepath inside the repository is part of the URL (normally the suffix).


  • I prefer the Trac software. Using this package saves us from installing something like BugZilla, additionally.
Simon -- SimonLang - 06 Sep 2007 16:14:17

-- ChristopherHuhn - 26 Jul 2007
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