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Software in /usr/local

Contrary to its naming /usr/local/ is a volume mounted from a central server all over the LinuxFarm.

Software installed here is either
  • not available as a debian package (or shall not be converted),
  • not managed by a member of the LinuxGroup
  • needs to be available in multiple versions in parallel
  • pollution from the past

The state of these packages is in general unknown, the Linux Group cannot be held responsible for missing /updated libraries et al.

Name Command Version Location Contact Description
AliRoot aliroot multiple versions /usr/local/pub/debian*/gcc*alice/AliRoot KilianSchwarz  
Adobe (prev. Macromedia) Flash player n/a 9.0.124 /usr/local/WWW/Browser/Plugins/flash_player.../ ChristopherHuhn Flash plugin for various browsers
Adobe (Acrobat) Reader acroread 7.0.9 /usr/local/Acrobat7 ChristopherHuhn  
ANSYS ansys 11.0 /usr/local/ansys/ ChristopherHuhn  
Eclipse eclipse 3.1.2 /usr/local/eclipse/ ChristopherHuhn  
SATAN/GD gd, graf 9712e /usr/local/mk/ MichaelKraemer Login script gdlogin
Geant4   multiple versions /usr/local/pub/debian*/gcc*/sim/ KilianSchwarz  
IDL idl, idlde 8.0 (32- and 64bit versions), 5.6 (for legacy apps) /usr/local/lpp/idl.80/ ChristopherHuhn  
Intel Compiler Suite icc, idb, ... 10.0 /usr/local/Intel/ LinuxGroup  
LabVIEW labview 7.1 /usr/local/labview/ HolgerBrand (  
Mathematica mathematica 8.0 /usr/local/lpp/mathematica GabrieleHorst, ChristopherHuhn  
mpich2   2 /usr/local/mpich2 MariusSchollmeier (  
PortlandCompiler pgcc, pgf, ... 6.1.3 /usr/local/lpp/pig-6.1.3 EdmarStiel, PeterMalzacher Portland Group's PGI Compiler Suite
ROOT root multiple versions /usr/local/pub/debian*/gcc*/rootmgr/ JoernAdamczewski, KilianSchwarz  
SAP-GUI sap, sapgui 6.3 r2 /usr/local/sap/ TilmanKirchhoff (, JohannesHeilmann  

Software obsoleted by Debian packages in the meantime

Name Command Latest Version Location Contact Replaced by
Mozilla mozilla 1.7.3 /usr/local/WWW/Browser/ ChristopherHuhn DebPkg:mozilla (Version 1.7.8), DebPkg:mozilla-firefox (Version 1.0.4), DebPkg:mozilla-thunderbird (Version 1.0.2)
OpenDX (Open Visualization Data Explorer) dx 4.1.0 /usr/local/dx/ EdmarStiel DebPkg:dx (Version 4.3.2)
TeX latex, ... 3.14159 (teTeX 1.0) /usr/local/teTeX/ KerstinSchiebel DebPkg:texlive TeXlive Debian packages (Version 2005)

-- ChristopherHuhn -- 2005 - 2011
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