Remote access to the GSI Linux Farm

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The central InteractiveMachines (lxi...) can be accessed by SSH from outside.

Linux and Apple MacOS X computers usually have an SSH client already installed. On Windows PCs you'll have to install a SSH Client by yourself.

We also compiled some hints on advanced SSH usage and best practices.

SSH Usage

Read more about SSH Usage here: Detail, Examples, Trouble Shooting


»Virtual network Computing« (short: VNC) allows you to access a complete graphical desktop from a remote client. For more details take a look at the page VncConnection.


X2go provides another - more convenient - way to access a remote graphical Linux desktop. X2go is supported on the newer Linux systems and Windows 7 machines. For more information take a look at X2goConnection.


Our Windows colleagues have chosen XWin32 as a X-Server on the GSI Windows desktops. The description on how to connect to the Linux farm:

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