Create an ejabberd account at GSI with Psi

To create a new ejabberd account with the default client Psi you may have to proceed like this:

  1. Click on the star icon in the system tray and choose "General" → "New account":
    psi shot 0
  2. Choose a name for the account (this name is only visible for you) and check "Register new account", then click "Add":
    psi shot 1
  3. Enter the server name, make sure that "Probel legacy SSL port" is checked, then click "Next":
    psi shot 2
  4. Choose a username (e.g. your Linux account name), enter a strong password and click "Next":
    psi shot 3
  5. Click "OK" and enjoy …
    psi shot 4

You may now edit your user profile, add an avatar or some funny icons to your client.

-- StefanHaller - 15 Feb 2013
Topic revision: r2 - 2013-02-15, StefanHaller