Group 1: In-Kind why and what

The what and why of in-kind

Starting topics

  • What are the in-kind models of different big science facilities?
  • Relationship between members and institutes
  • Towards a global in-kind model (see also: group 2, legal aspects)
  • How to really achieve joined-up approach in IK contracting?
Not addressed:
  • What are the limits of in-kind? Are there limits?
  • How to address in-kind contributions with travelling detectors?
  • History, previous contributions
  • How to unite in-kind and €-procurement?
  • Technical interdependency of IKC

Session 1 - protocol

Group members: Gareth, Sonia, Marek, Martin, Sylvie, Tuomas, Felix

Starting point: review of different in-kind models (ESS, XFEL, FAIR)

Main results:
  • Ministry/funding agency relations concerning money are difficult - leverage?
  • In-kind rules should be well established
  • Contract models: host<>povider (bilateral) host<>shareholder<>provider<>host (trilateral)

Background work

Organisational structure

1 person from each member country (ministry, institute) --> ESS council.

Council decides everything.

Council is advised by
  • SAC (scientific advisory committee)
  • TAC (technical)
  • IKRC (In-kind review commission)
  • AFC (Finance)
  • CEC (employment conditions)
FAIR is similar, but no SAC or CEC.

Contractual relationships

See images

ESS: bilateral IKCA.

FAIR: trialateral IKCA. Member state and shareholder are sometimes the same. Shareholder and provider are sometimes the same
File:|Caption 1
File:|Caption 2

Contract philosophy
  • Equal treatment to all partners
  • Comprehensive vs. minimalist
  • Functional technical/scientific specification
  • Geographical return (countries profit from the project proportional to thier contribution)
  • Correction factor: CB-value x sexy factor (say, 0,8) for sexy topics, CB-value x boring factor (say, 1,3) for dull contributions

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