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GSI Wiki's Epics web The Epics web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2019 by contributing authors GSI Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of GSI Wiki GSI Wiki Powered by Foswiki, The Free and Open Source Wiki.Epics TippsUsbDevDynamicDevSymLinkAndProperAccessRights udev/udevadm dynamic dev symbolic link and proper access rights Introduction Thanks to the literature research of M.Traxler and the inventors of udev/udevadm ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2019-03-22T10:02:41Z PeterZumbruch HadCon2Modules HadCon2 Modules \" edit)"}% Defined via unique FTDI ID: /sbin/udevadm info export db grep FTDI grep ID_SERIAL sort uniq HadCon2 Modules, first series ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2019-02-25T11:00:14Z PeterZumbruch HadCon2 __ Introduction Documentation Firmware Microcontroller Code HadCon2 Multipurpose Control Api FPGA Code HadCon2 FPGA Projects Bookkeeping / Organization ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2019-02-04T09:41:42Z PeterZumbruch HadCon2Documentation HadCon 2 Documentation Documentation Technical Documentation of HadCon2 and its components Layout * Schematic (local copy) * top view assembly of ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2019-02-04T09:40:09Z PeterZumbruch TippsWindowsResizeRawImgFileUsingVirtualBox __ Introduction Following the recommendation on image file before writing to sd card: * e.g. to resize ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2019-01-10T16:18:37Z PeterZumbruch LinuxTricksTips __ Introduction serial device settings switch off every possible hidden manipulation feature usbdev dynamic device symlink and proper access rights udev/udevadm ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-11-30T10:35:52Z PeterZumbruch TipsLinuxDhclientDynamicHostname __ Introduction Using dhclient exit hooks scripts allows to set e.g. the hostname dynamically. Based on the articles: * Setting the System Hostname from DHCP ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-11-30T10:32:27Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationsAtGsiBase rm / EPICS installations at GSI Base installation Expand all Sections Collapse all Sections # Preface ## Scripts: #!/bin/bash $ Up to now: All tools ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-11-01T11:04:10Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationsAtGsi step by step EPICS installations at GSI ... on user account epics on Linux sarge system On the Linux system at GSI there are: * an user account epics to provide ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-09-28T14:27:04Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationAtRaspberryPiFromScratch .strike {text decoration: line through;} __ Detailed Table of Content Installing Raspbian/Debian image see e.g. ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-05-03T13:33:49Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationAtRaspberryPiFromScratchResizeImage __ Shrinking the Image * Think of Resizing * Why? : Since the complete size of the SD is stored as image, and sizes of SD cards vary, a ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-05-03T13:19:06Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationAtRaspberryPiFromScratchClearLogAndSsh __ Introduction ssh_ * delete and regenerate global keys * check ~/.ssh/authorized_keys * optionally delete it : f ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-05-03T12:51:30Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationAtRaspberryPiFromScratchRaspiConfigSshObstacle __ Introduction when enabling SSH in raspi_config the following error might appear ... * possible obstacle: "Invalid ssh key generation still running ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-05-03T12:31:42Z PeterZumbruch TipsLinuxDhclientForceTimeUpdate __ Introduction Using dhclient exit hooks scripts allows to force an update of the system date using ntp/ntpd. Similar to dhclient and its scripting capabilities ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-05-02T15:03:19Z PeterZumbruch EpicsInstallationAtRaspberryPiFromScratchAptitudeInstalls __ Detailed 1. Update Safe Upgrade sudo aptitude update sudo aptitude y safe upgrade * takes ~1h or more ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-04-27T14:43:03Z PeterZumbruch ToolsHiddenSection __ Introduction Code section to be included directly in front of a section to be hidden at beginning. Can be included via %INCLUDE{"ToolsHiddenSection" section="header ... (last changed by PeterZumbruch) 2018-04-27T09:52:44Z PeterZumbruch
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