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Usage of epicslogin.sh script

epicslogin.sh has to be sourced as is, i.e. called with a leading dot
$> . ./epicslogin.sh
The option ' -h ' or anything else gives a help with all information on options and syntax:
$> ./epicslogin.sh -h
   epicslogin.sh [Options] [version]
   -- sets environment variables for EPICS
   -- calls the Site Profile: set via "-P" or default: "${baseDir}/startup/Site.profile"
   -- version: EPICS version
   --          (default: "3.14.10")
   -- options:
   ----- -v : verbose mode
   ----- -h : prints this help
   ----- -H argument : sets $EPICS_HOME to argument
   -----               (default: "${homeofuser}/EPICS")
   ----- -B argument : sets $EPICS_BASE to argument or
   -----               if argument is a relative path it extends to $EPICS_HOME/argument
   -----               (default: "base-${epicsversion}")
   ----- -P argument : sets Site Profile to be sourced to argument
   -----               (default: "${baseDir}/startup/Site.profile"
   -----                where $basedir behaves like EPICS_BASE
   -----                as described for option "-B")
   ----- -A argument : sets path to necessary helper script "fcn_addtopath.bash":
   -----               (default: "/u/epics/bin/fcn_addtopath.bash")
   ----- if MY_EPICS_BASE (="") is externally set as base directory:
   -----    case "option -B not used":
   -----                       EPICS_BASE set to MY_EPICS_BASE
   -----    case "option -B used:
   -----                       MY_EPICS_BASE set to EPICS_BASE
   ----- version: version of EPICS
   -----          (used in the path <epicshome>/base-version)
   -- you have to call this script with a leading '. '
   --> i.e.: '. epicslogin.sh'
thus, e.g.
. ./epicslogin.sh -v -H <EPICS Home Directory> -B <EPICS Base Directory> -A <EPICS Home Directory> <EPICS Version>
   sourcing <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/base-<EPICS Version>/startup/Site.profile
   EPICS_HOME               set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>
   EPICS_BASE               set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/base-<EPICS Version>
   EPICS_EXTENSIONS         set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/extensions
   EPICS_MODULES            set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/modules
   PSPRINTER                set to lp
   EPICS_DISPLAY_PATH       set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/extensions/medm/adl
   ORBITSCREENHOME          set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/extensions
   EPICS_AR_PORT            set to 7002
   added <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/extensions/javalib behind CLASSPATH
   EPICS_SNCSEQ_HOME        set to <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/modules/seq
   EPICS_HOST_ARCH          set to linux-x86
   added <EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/extensions/bin/linux-x86 in front of PATH
   added /u/epics/bin:<EPICS Home Directory>/EPICS-<EPICS Version>/base-<EPICS Version>/bin/linux-x86 in front of PATH
   EPICS_CA_ADDR_LIST       set to <hostname>
   --> Created for each variable EPICS_* a copy EPICS_*_COPY
       to be used in CONFIGURE scripts where EPICS_ variables might be overwritten 

-- PeterZumbruch - 15 Aug 2013
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