Main developer: Radoslaw Trebacz
Developement PC: depc152
login as root and change to local user radek (;-)) temporarely only!!!!!!!
The linux and so on can be found at:

In order to work with the environment execute: . init_env (as allways the dot is important)
The init_env ScriptAsOf20051004.

On my SuSE part of my PC I was able to install the gcc-cris compiler. Therefor I decided to work on this platform in order to reach a productive mode at least...

Work in progress

In order to make sure that the same mistakes are NOT done twice I do document ALL attempts, even the stupid ones like: First approach: Tar the testIOC, copy it to the ETRAX environment, untar it and run the make file... FirtstAttempErrorMessages (I know attempt with the third t... How to move a wiki link??? (sometimes I'll remember this...))

-- MarcRStockmeier - 04 Oct 2005

real attempt

Please note: This is even more experimental than all other stuff I did so far...

On my PC:

In order to initialise the CRIS/AXIS environment run in /misc/marc/hades_ETRAX/devboard-R2_01
. ./init_env
The adopted InitEnvFile as of 13.12.2005.

Copy the base-4.14.7/* to /misc/marc/hades_ETRAX/devboard-R2_01/base-4.14.7. (or just extract the stuff there)

Copy some CONFIG files from one specific built (i.e. linux-x86) to *cris-AXIS* and start editing the stuff.

cp CONFIG.Common.linux-x86 CONFIG.Common.cris-AXIS
cp CONFIG_SITE.Common.linux-x86 CONFIG_SITE.Common.cris-AXIS
cp CONFIG.linux-x86.linux-x86 CONFIG.linux-x86.cris-AXIS
cp CONFIG_SITE.linux-x86.linux-x86 CONFIG_SITE.linux-x86.cris-AXIS
cp CONFIG.linux-x86.Common CONFIG.cris-AXIS.Common

The changes to the files will be shown here after the first compilation went through.

Some words on these files:
CONFIG_SITE.linux-x86.cris-AXIS not used by me at GSI. (forget this one...)

export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=cris-AXIS export GNU_BIN=/usr/local/cris

important It seems to be the case that the SUFFIX gymnastics are NOT really used in the files mentioned above...

-- MarcRStockmeier - 13 Dec 2005
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