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Running DIM on ETRAX

Start a DNS

To run DIM, you have to start a nameserver, called DIM name server (DNS). Call Dns& on any machine with a DIM installation and which is connected to the pc, where you want to run DIM on. If the alias is not set, change to your DIM library directory (either dim/linux or dim/linux-etrax) and type dns&.

Set the environment variables

To be able to start a dim server or client, your ETRAX must be able to do a name resolution, meaning it knows which IP address belongs to which host (though a dim server would also work if you just type the IP address, but not the client). This hostname must then be specified in DIM_DNS_NODE:
  • export DIM_DNS_NODE=hostname ,e.g. hostname could be "lxi002.gsi.de"
One more environment variable must be set, LD_LIBRARY_PATH:
  • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/somePath/epics/lib:/someOtherPath/dim/linux
Now you should be able to run a dim server and client.

The error messages you will get if you try to run it without being able to do a name resolution is "connectin refused", "(FATAL) DIM_DNS_NODE undefined" if you try to start without having specified DIM_DNS_NODE, and "libdim.so: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory" if you forget to specify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

-- MartinFeldmann - 20 Feb 2007
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