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HADES Slow Control: Hadcon2 & Dreamplug based systems


Description of the systems controlled via EPICS IOCs running on a dreamplug computer connected via USB to HadCon2 at HADES

Code Repository

  • IOC code
    • streamHadcon
      • CVS Root: :ext:hadaq@lx-pool:/misc/hadesprojects/daq/cvsroot
      • CVS Module: hadcon/dreamPlug/streamHadcon2
    • startup Procedures
      • CVS Root: :ext:hadaq@lx-pool:/misc/hadesprojects/daq/cvsroot
      • CVS Module: EPICS/startupProcedures/hadcon/EPICS/startupProcedures

Detectors/Systems and Task

  • MDC / HADES global
    • temperatures
    • pressure sensors
    • pressure sensor and relay output
  • general purpose ADC



  • 1-wire bus
    • temperature readout
    • ADC readout
    • switches
  • Atmel
    • ADC readout
    • Relay settings

Detectors/Systems vs. Tasks

HadCon2 assignments


    defined via FTDI ID:
    /sbin/udevadm info --export-db | grep FTDI | grep ID_SERIAL
    name hadcon2 FTDI ID hadcon2 atmel firmware code version hadcon2 FPGA code place commment
    hc2_A100dQ2C FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A100dQ2C 4.3.2      
    hc2_A100dQ23 FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A100dQ23 4.3.2      
    hc2_A100dQ2B FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A100dQ2B 4.3.2   B.Kolb  


    name os place comment
    ee-dev004 ubuntu (SB2.256) → debian
    ee-dev005 ubuntu (SB2.256) → debian
    ee-dev007 debian (SB2.256) development system, P.Zumbruch


    • defined in startupProcedures and matched by the IOC code

    dreamplug detector Task hadcon2 name commment
    ee-dev004     hc2_A100....  
    ee-dev005     hc2_A100....  
    ee-dev007     hc2_A100....  



    • identical for all hadcons

    startup cmd file

    sources st_${HOSTNAME}.cmd for host specific database


    • makes extensive use of template/substition functionality of EPICS
    • mainly connects via streamDev protocol functions to the API of Hadcon2's micro controler
      • using as asyn port dreamplugs's USB interface device /dev/ttyUSB0
    • takes care of non-conflicting access to the μC
      • hadcon_global_scan.template, which calls task specific "globals" initiating the read/write action
        • hadcon_atmel_adc_global.template
      • ...
    • other global, singular to the host, templates/db
      • hadcon_global.db
      • hadcon_debug_global.db
      • hadcon_show_global.db

    streamDev2 protocols


-- -- PeterZumbruch - 08 Mar 2012
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