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HadCon Multipurpose Controls - Device Classes

Device Classes supported by the API

    CAN bus

    • Acting as a CAN bus master, using connector JCAN1
    • up-to-now:
      • only 11-Bit-Identifier, "Base frame format" (CAN 2.0A)
      • 29-Bit-Identifier, "Extended frame format" (CAN 2.0B) extension on request
    • Sending, receiving, subscription to channels defined by ID and optionally by a mask (default 0)


    • access to up to 8 individual 1-wire chains/buses connected to connector JDINOUT2, pins 1-8
    • global commands
      • list all devices
      • determine parasitic devices
      • TODO:
        • missing, not yet implemented, but prepared
          • 1-wire atomic commands
    • family specific commands
      • temperature sensor
      • adc
      • switches (1/2/8(TODO))

    Internal ADC

    • read values
      Threshold Relay
      • switching of output pin depending on input of ADC
      • configurable input
        • TODO: add documentation

    I2C - a.k.a. Two Wire Bus

    • not yet implemented in version 3.1 but in progress, comes with 4.0
    • direct access only to internal devices foreseen (DAC)
      • but a bit of soldering may widen its horizon.

      • 2 times 4 channels DAC,
      • output connector JDAC1 and partly JPS

    Internals of microcontroller

    • help, all and command specific
    • debugging
      • increasing verbosity,
      • mask available
    • status (show)
      • memory status (initially unused, unused, free)
      • available predefined error statements
    • direct register access read/write
    • JTAG enable/disable (handle with care)

    ... to be extended

-- PeterZumbruch - 13 Jul 2011

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