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    %begin makefile% # CONFIG_SITE.Common.linux-cris # # Site Specific definitions for linux-cris target # Only the local epics system manager should modify this file

    # NOTE for SHARED_LIBRARIES: In most cases if this is set to YES the # shared libraries will be found automatically. However if the .so # files are installed at a different path to their compile-time path # then in order to be found at runtime do one of these: # a) LD_LIBRARY_PATH must include the full absolute pathname to # $(INSTALL_LOCATION)/lib/$(EPICS_HOST_ARCH) when invoking base # executables. # b) Add the runtime path to SHRLIB_DEPLIB_DIRS and PROD_DEPLIB_DIRS, which # will add the named directory to the list contained in the executables. # c) Add the runtime path to /etc/ld.so.conf and run ldconfig # to inform the system of the shared library location.

    # If readline is not installed comment the following line # to omit command-line editing and history support



-- PeterZumbruch - 22 Aug 2007
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