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In cooperation with the Data processing group, for platforms/architectures running the MBS Multi Branch System DAQ System are foreseen to have
  • installations of EPICS at all supported architectures (linux-ppc, linux-x86(_64)) and optionally not yet supported operating system LynxOS
  • provide access methods (drivers, protocols, ... ) to the control functions of the MBS systems.







EPICS installations

Following the EPICS@GSI methodology (c.f. EpicsInstallationsAtGsi)
  • base
    • base
    • base 3.15.2
  • architectures
    • linux-ppc
    • linux-x86(_64)
  • os
    • Debian
      • 5, 6, 7
    • LynxOS
      • ...

Goal: collect all reasonable packages for MBS into installer distribution together with tailored scripts

EPICS access to MBS controls

  • interface to gosipcmd or libmbspex
  • VMEbus tools (NK)


Setting environment

To activate EPICS environment on any MBS node, invoke the common script epicslogin under bash:
R4L-14 adamczew > bash
bash-3.2$ . epics
sourcing ./myepicslogin.sh seen from directory /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_33/EPICS-
MYEPICS_VERSION          set to EPICS-
EPICS_VERSION            set to EPICS-
sourcing /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_33/EPICS-
EPICS_HOME               set to /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_33/EPICS-

All platform specific EPICS installations are on NFS mounted location /epics/install/${GSI_CPU_PLATFORM}/${GSI_OS}/${GSI_OS_VERSIONX}

NOTE: The EPICS login script is at /epics/install/bin/epics. There should be a soft link from /usr/local/bin to it. If this may not exist, one can put /epics/install/bin/ to the user's PATH or call directly . /epics/install/bin/epics.

New installation on MBS node

All required packages and scripts have been put into MBS specific distribution EPICS- This is available in directory /epics/install/package/ and provides installation script install4mbs.sh. To install this on any platform for MBS do:

R4L-1 epics > cd  /epics/install/package/EPICS-3.14.12
R4L-1 epics >./install4mbs.sh
Starting epics installation to /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS-
mkdir: created directory `/epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24'
mkdir: created directory `/epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS-'
+++++++++++ provide re2c tool...
sourcing ./myepicslogin.sh seen from directory /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS-
MYEPICS_VERSION          set to EPICS-
EPICS_VERSION            set to EPICS-
sourcing /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS-
EPICS_HOME               set to /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS-
EPICS_BASE               set to /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS-
+++++++++++ making epics base...
+++++++++++ installing epics extensions...
+++++++++++ installing ezca...
+++++++++++ installing msi...
+++++++++++ building extensions...
+++++++++++ installing epics modules...
+++++++++++ building soft/seq...
+++++++++++ building support/autosave...
+++++++++++ building soft/asyn...
+++++++++++ building support/sscan...
+++++++++++ building support/busy...
+++++++++++ building support/modbus...
+++++++++++ building support/devIocStats...
+++++++++++ building support/calc...
+++++++++++ building StreamDevice...
EPICS at /epics/install/RIO4/Linux/OSV_2_6_24/EPICS- is ready.
Note that all makefile outputs are written to logfile makelog.txt in each specific subdirectory.

-- JoernAdamczewski - 13 Nov 2015


checked mount point for epics created (NK)
checked EPICS installations on linux-ppc RIO4 systems (JAM)
checked base
needed patch to recognize architecture, currrently hardcoded in Startup.profile
checked better patch EpicsHostArch.pl to recognize linux-ppc. Done for further installations JAM
checked needed installations of missing perl include file (generated by Configure from source distribution JAM)
checked missing tool re2c on Sugarhat distribution (installed from source under EPICS_BASE/tools and put into PATH JAM)
checked add missing configuration for libreadline and libncurses in configure/os/CONFIG.linux-ppc.linux-ppc. This enables command history in ioc shell JAM
checked ezca
checked MSI
checked modules
checked seq
checked autosave
checked asyn
checked sscan
checked busy
checked modbus
checked devIocStats
checked calc
checked StreamDevice
checked Provide EPICS "distribution" package for MBS with install4mbs.sh script (JAM)
unchecked EPICS installations on linux X86 systems
unchecked EPICS installations on LynxOS X86 systems
unchecked EPICS installations on LynxOS RIO4 systems

Here table of installed platforms:

CPU OSSorted ascending OS VERSION nodename base extensions modules procServ Comments
RIO4 ppc LynxOS 4.0 R4-2 no no no no  
X86 LynxOS 4.0 X86g-4 no no no no  
RIO4 ppc Linux (SugarHat) R4L-14 installed installed installed installed 2.6.0 first installation with manual adjustments. Redid installation using install4mbs.sh
RIO4 ppc Linux (SugarHat) R4L-1 installed installed installed installed 2.6.0 installed with install4mbs. Note: after reboot, directory /tmp is not writable. This is mandatory for building epics base (antelope requirement!)
X86 Linux (Debian 5) 2.6.26-2-686-bigmem X86l-15 installed installed installed installed 2.6.0 install4mbs.sh with no problems.
X86 Linux (Debian 6) 2.6.32-5-686-bigmem X86L-7 installed installed installed installed 2.6.0 install4mbs.sh with no problems.
X86_64 Linux (Debian 7) 3.2.0-4-amd64 X86L-59 installed installed installed installed 2.6.0 used script install4mbs.sh from epics_mbs package.
X86 Linux (Debian 7) 3.2.0-4-686-pae X86L-27 installed installed installed ? install4mbs.sh with no problems.
Note: perl warnings because of non supported locale settings?
IPV ppc Linux (DENX ) 3.3.3 IPV-1 installed installed installed ? needed to install newer perl version 5.22.0 at /epics/install/IPV/Linux/OSV_3_3_3/. Added PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in myepicslogin to override previous system perl. Base was installed manually after this, extensions/modules with skript

-- JoernAdamczewski - 10 Nov 2015

-- PeterZumbruch - 06 Nov 2015
-- JoernAdamczewski - 2016-02-11
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