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Getting started

Since I (Marc) start right know with EPICS a good point to get some knowledge about EPICS is:
EPICS Lecture Series
More GSI specific stuff will be published as soon as there is something running.

After reading a lot of stuff follow the installation instructructions below. (Please note: This is work in Progress and heavily changing from day to day!)

First installation

Installation on a groupserver and running an IOC on a normal machine In order to find news on the first installation refer to:
This documentation will be the base of a real documentation.

Other Hardware Platforms

HADES has a nice board called TRB (TDC readout board). In order to do some first tests with EPICS on this board several steps have to be performed before. The installation should be allmost the same but cross compiler and several other things are needed first. These steps should be rather similar to other boards runnung Linux on them.

Generic steps:

  • Installation of cross compiler (could be included allready in the normal gnu compiler suite)
  • Installation of software development kit (if available)
  • Download of all sources (LINUX kernel and driver)
  • Compilation of the kernel plus tools (busybox for example)
  • transfer to the target hardware (remark: if the hardware has Linux allready running, the steps mentioned above have to be performed anyway. This is because of the need of the knowlege for new tools what they can expect from the Linux on the target hardware.)
  • Compilation of EPICS inside the development package
  • Test the IOC on the target machnine.

The next links will be (hopefully) these generic steps on a TRB HADES board. The Multichip Module (MCM) ETRAX 100LX MCM from AXIS is the core of the TRB. THe following installation guide deals with this specific hardware.


last change: -- MarcRStockmeier - 26 Jul 2005

EPICS is already in production for the HADES SlowControl System. A copy of this original web with more recent information can be found at http://www-hades.gsi.de/scs.

-- HolgerBrand - 07 Jun 2005

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