PCA Release Notes

Refer to PCAChangeLog for further version information.

Probably all versions up to and including 7.6.3
  • Due to an software error, it may happen that the loaded configuration is not displayed in offline mode if another configuration was already loaded.
    Close PCA and open the new configuration by double-clicking on the configuration file.
    This issue will be fixed in future versions of PCA.
  • Logbucheinträge werden beim Auslesen immer als fehlerhaft angezeigt. Ursache ist ein falscher <> Vergleich.
    Beschädigte Einträge werden nicht angezeigt. Auch hier ist die Ursache ein falscher <> Vergleich
    Beim Auslesen bestätigen, dass zukünftige fehlerfahfte Logbucheinträge ignoriert werden sollen.
    Es werden alle nicht fehlerhaften EInträge korrekt angeziegt.
  • When creating a new MFU form, the gain for the DACs on the MFU'System configuration / disgnosis tab is set to 0.000 volts. Therefore, the DAC output does not work..
    Set the DAC gains to 1.0000 volts and send the parameters to the MFU.
    This issue will be fixed in the next version of PCA
All versions up to and including 7.6.2
  • Because of a problem in converting read ADC offset values, the display of them in "PCA-ADCCalibration'Measured Offset" may be wrong depending on the value.
    This issue will be fixed in the next version of PCA.
  • Due to some problems it is strongly recommended to use version 7.5.0 or *7.6.1*
All versions up to and including 7.4.0
  • In the "Remote Control" MFU tab under "Controller Status" sometimes not all information is displayed correctly.
  • If an ADCDACIO module Ver. II is used together with an MFU FW < 7.4.0, the parameters of the ADCDACIO module are not transferred to the MFU as long as the "EnvironmentRefreshGaugeableValues" key is not activated.
    Activate the function "EnvironmentRefreshGaugeableValues" before transferring parameters. This only applies to MFUs with FW versions < 7.4.0.
    This issue will be fixed in the next version of PCA.
All versions up to and including 7.2.1
  • In the function generator of the MFU, Lowermost value and Top value must never have the same value. In addition, Lowermost value must always be smaller than top value.
  • When an XREP file is opened and "Save" is pressed, only the device configuration is saved in the .XREP file. The device acceptance is completely lost. Since the .XREP is automatically saved after every successful acceptance point, manual saving is not necessary.
    If, on the other hand, the configuration of the acceptance is to be saved, please use the "Save As" function and save the configuration as an .XPC7 file.
Version 7.1.1
  • If an .xtst file is created, there are broken XML elements in it. This prevents the reopening of the created .xtst file. Opening the file aborts with an error message, PCA can then no longer be operated.
    Remove the spaces in the broken XML elements to make the file usable. Open the created .xtst file and change the XML start elements and XML end elements in lines 4 to 6 from "File data" to "FileData", "File time" to "FileTime" and "PCA version" to "PCA_Version". Make sure the start and stop elements are scrubbed exactly the same. Then save the file.
    This issue will be fixed in the next version of PCA.
Version 7.0.0
  • If configuration files are saved with this version, the following XML elements are saved erroneously:<iFWMajorRelease> with 7, <iFWMinorRelease> with 0 and <dFWRelease> with 7.0 .
    If modules do not really have these HW versions, the configuration files must be corrected manually, if a module migration is to be carried out with PCA.
    Please contact the PCA support.

-- DerekSchupp - 2018-10-17
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