EE related Publications 2014

E. Jäger, H. Brand, Ch. E. Düllmann, J. Khuyagbaatar, J. Krier, M. Schädel, T. Torres, A. Yakushev High intensity target wheel at TASCA: target wheel control system and target monitoring J Radioanal Nucl Chem (2014) 299:1073–1079, INTDS Proceedings
S. Kreim, D. Beck, ..., F. Herfurth, ..., D. Neidherr, ... Competition between pairing correlations and deformation from the odd-even mass staggering of francium and radium isotopes Phys. Rev. C 90, 024301  
C. Böhm, ..., D. Beck,..., F. Herfurth, ..., D. Neidherr, ... Evolution of nuclear ground-state properties of neutron-deficient isotopes around Z = 82 Phys. Rev. C 90, 044307  
K. Koch, J. Hoffmann, C. Ugur and M. Heil A Compact Readout System for the R3B High-Resolution Neutron Time-of-Flight Spectrometer (NeuLAND) IEEE (NSS) Conference record Poster, Proceedings
J. Even, ..., H. Brand, ..., N. Kurz, ... Synthesis and detection of a seaborgium carbonyl complex Science 19 September 2014: Vol. 345 no. 6203 pp. 1491-1493 DOI: 10.1126/science.1255720  
M. Ciobanu, ..., H. Flemming, H. Deppe, S. Löchner, J. Frühauf PADI, an Ultrafast Preampli fi er - Discriminator ASIC for Time-of-Flight Measurements IEEE TNS Vol.61, No.2, April 2014, pp. 1015-1023  
J. Adamczewski-Musch, B.Bellenot, S. Linev Web interface for online ROOT and DAQ applications Proceedings RT 2014 19th IEEE-NPSS (Nara), Poster Proceedings

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