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Project: POLAND - Profile Acquisition digitizer

former project name: PGProto - Profile Grid Prototype


GSI Beam Diagnostics department together with Experimental Electronics department has started in 2008 investigations on a new economical solution for Profile-Grid electronics. The old front-end amplifiers and control devices of the existing readout devices are outdated and very expensive.

After extensive and promising tests with a 4-channel QFW (Charge-Frequency-Converter) test board (see references Four Channel QFW Module datasheet), it was decided to develop under the project name PGproto a 32 channel prototype system with 8 QFW-ASICs. The goal of the project was to perform a functional test of ASICs connected to a SEM-Grid (Secondary Electron eMission Grid) under real beam conditions at GSI.

End of 2012 there was the next step to the final electronic version: the development of the final design of PCB, mainboard and controler PCBs. There were assembled in 2013 and also the first tests started in this year. The final project name was also fixed in 2013 to now: POLAND.


coming soon...



Internal EE/SD group meeting talks:

GSI IT/EE palaver:

Other meetings/talks:

Timetable of project:

  • Jul 2009: TID test with X-rays at FZ Karlsruhe (60 keV X-rays)

PGproto electronic:
  • Nov 2010: First Test beam (5.-7.11.2010), single profile
  • Nov 2010: Test beam (9.-10.11.2010), added 3D profile possibility
  • Nov 2010: Test beam (22.-24.11.2010), added high current mode
  • Feb 2011: Test beam (4.2.2011)
  • Apr 2011: Test beam tunnel (3.4.2011) - 64 channel version, up to 100 time slices, tested with MWPC
  • Apr 2011: Test beam X2 (5.4.2011) - test with different cable length
  • Apr 2011: Test beam X6 (10.4.2011) - low rate test
  • Oct 2011: Test beam X8 (5.10.2011) - beam profile measurement at TASCA
  • Mar 2012: Test beam X2 (29.3.2012)
  • Apr 2012: Test beam X2 (3.4.2012)
  • Sep 2012: Test beam X2 (11.-14.9.2012) - e- stripping tests
  • Nov 2012: Test beam X2 (6.11. and 27.11.2012) - e- stripping tests
  • Feb 2013: Test at GSI ion source (21.2.2013) - multiple Faraday-Cup test

new POLAND electronic:
  • Jun/Jul 2013: Test beam at COSY (24.6.-4.7.2013) - 2 GeV protons - first POLAND electronic test with beam, diagnostic device tests
  • Dec 2013: Test beam at HIT (8.12.2013) - Carbon 300 MeV - electronic test, diagnostic device tests
  • Feb 2014: Test beam at GSI X2 (17./18./20.2.2014) - Uranium - 2 SEM grids (each 2x16 wires), 1 Faraday-Cup - low/high current beams, short pulses
  • Mar 2014: Test beam at GSI HTP (6./7.3.2014) - SEM grid (2x32 wires), different other beam diagnostic devices, short/long extraction
  • Mar 2014: Test beam at GSI X2 (20.3.2014) - 2 SEM grids (each 2x16 wires)
  • Mar 2014: Test beam at GSI HTP (21.3.2014) - SEM grid (2x32 wires), different other beam diagnostic devices, short extraction


  • Start-up of new test PCB (for new summer 2012 prototype)
  • Development and layout of new 64-channel prototype in summer 2012
  • Autumn 2012: back to 32 channel version: reason: only 32 channels fit into 1 HE device
  • Spring 2013: 32 channel version of POLAND is ready
  • Summer 2013: POLAND is running with FESA
  • Spring 2014: POLAND system tested in different test beams, beam parameters

References / Documents:

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