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Slide 1: Why C++ for experimental physicists?

  • C++ is a statically typed general-purpose multiparadigm programming language. It supports procedural programming, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and generic programming.

  • C++ is widely available and used, it is the fastest OO language.

  • C++ knowledge is a prerequisite to use important toolkits and frameworks of experimental physics like
    • ROOT and applications based on it like VMC or Go4
    • Geant4
    • ...

  • We concentrate on features of C++, which are important to use and to extend ROOT and Geant4.

Slide 2: Classes of Software

  • Application Programs

  • Libraries, Toolkits
    • Applications will use classes from one or more libraries of predefined functions and classes.

  • Frameworks
    • A set of cooperating classes that make up a reusable design for a specific class of software.

  • Frameworks

Slide 3: ROOT an Object-Oriented Data Analysis Framework

ROOT is written in C++.

C++ knowledge is a prerequisite to understand most of the ROOT documentation.

C++ is used in ROOT for
  • the Command Line (Root commands are interpreted by CINT, a C++ interpreter)

  • Macros (interpreted by CINT)
    • to collect commands
    • to extend ROOT with new functions
    • to extend ROOT with new classes
  • Shared Libraries (compiled by a C++ compiler)
    • to extend ROOT with new functions
    • to extend ROOT with new classes
  • Applications (compiled by a C++ compiler)
    • to use ROOT to built applications

Slide 4: Geant4 an Object-Oriented Simulation Toolkit.

Geant4 is used for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter.

Geant4 is written in C++.

To customize Geant4 to an experiment three C++ classes must be provided:
  • for defining a virtual reality of the setup,
  • for defining all particles and physics processes,
  • for generating the primary particles.
Five optional user classes may be used to modify the default behaviour:
  • for actions at the beginning and end of every run,
  • for actions at the beginning and end of every event,
  • for customising access to the track stacks,
  • for actions at the creation and completion of every track,
  • for customising behaviour at every step.

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