May 4, 2006, 13:30

Room: Vorraum der Atomphysik, GSI


  • Introduction
  • Open discussion


DietrichBeck, HolgerBrand, FrankHerfurth, MichaelKaiser, OliverKester, ChristophorKozhuharov, StephenKoszudowski, LudwigDahl

Meeting minutes:

  • Frank gave a brief introduction of the HITRAP system. The prepared tranparencies guided the discussion.
  • Parameter
    • Configuration paramanter and
    • Dynamic Paramter
  • Interface between the experiment control system and accelerator
    • UfsAcc: This is an interface to the accelerator control system.
      • Udo Kause is responsible for access permissions.
      • A LabVIEW interface and a CS interface class are available.
    • Is a reservation mechanism necessary? On which side?
      • Accelertator
      • Experiment control system
      • Is a synchronisation via phone sufficient?
  • Integration of the control system into
    • accelerator control or
    • CS framework?
    • This decision may has consequences for the selection of hardware interfaces.
    • What about service (maintenace and on-call duty)?
  • Responsibilities for shared devices
    • Some devices mast be shared between the accelerator and experiment control systems.
    • At least all devices up to the first diagnostics station are affected.
    • Vaccuum system?
    • What else?
  • Interface for experiments connected to HITRAP
    • There must be a timing interface
      • This could be implemented by using a NI-RIO (FPGA) card.
    • Software interface for slow communication
  • EE/KS will support the development of the control system by
    • Maintance of the CS framework
    • Design and code reviews
    • Support of students

All: Please add what I have missed.

To Do

Please check the HTToDoList.

All: Please add what I have missed.

Next Meeting


-- HolgerBrand - 04 May 2006

Minutes (15/05/06)

-- OliverKester - 12 Oct 2006
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