Decisions made in the - CSON-Meeting 11.09.06
  • no use of any CreateEvent viŽs, only optional use, to observe the Data flow //done
  • The only communication form between the objetcs in the net shoud be DIM-Publisher/Susciber services //done
  • Launch viŽs should run throught, so you have the possibility to use the output-terminals of sub-netŽs and many other advantages. //done
  • Data Flow direction is "left to right" without the use of the CreateEvent.viŽs. As response to this, a circlet-connection is no longer possible. Here we use a while loop, to keep the functionallity. //done
  • The Net inside the while loop is executed continously. Adavntages and disadvabtages of this has to be tested.
  • A good algorithm to make non ON-Classes ON-usuable, without chanching them should be implemented. It looks like inherit from ON-Base and the desired class will be the best solution for this.

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 12 Sep 2006
Topic revision: r3 - 2006-09-25, AlexanderSchwinn
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