The Next CSPetriNet release should contain the following features:

Feel free to add/change requests, please do that with name-remark.

  • A Debug mode could be added, breakpoints, which do trigger the net-pause automatically, etc. The net-pause can be called by command(this already is implemented)(Idea from Holger Brand, posted by Alexander Schwinn)
  • It would be nice to have branch-tags for new Petrinet -Versions(Idea from Alexander Schwinn)
  • Building of a sourceforge Package
  • The implementation of higher Net-forms (like colored NetŽs) should be analyzed. (Idea from Holger Brand, posted by Alexander Schwinn)
  • The use of X-Controls for Places and Transition should be tested. In that way the Place/Transition could change color on good/bad status.(Idea from Alexander Schwinn)
  • The minimum Interval of the CSPN-Timer class is currently one second. Maybe a smaller Interval-time could be used, for Example 100ms (Idea from Holger Brand)

  • additional Wiki- dokumentation on the two Petri-Net Examples (Alexander Schwinn)
  • Test of the Executable. All sub-vi's should pop up, on a start via executable (see CSObjectNet)
  • Implementation of "negating edges" and "Clear edges" . So the CSPetriNet would get the mightiness of a Turingmachine. Try to implement this by using negative numbers on the edges!!
  • the possibility to execute the add/remove method per event

-- AlexanderSchwinn - 12 Jun 2007
Topic revision: r7 - 2007-08-21, AlexanderSchwinn
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