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Upgrade to Debian Wheezy

The latest Debian version is called Wheezy. The Debian version is 7.x with x == 1 as of August 2013. If you are coming directly from Lenny please also take a look at the SqueezeUpgrade notes.


Central interactive Wheezy nodes are available as lxwheezy64.gsi.de. The setup of these nodes is still considered beta.

Batch Farm

BatchFarm nodes are not yet available due to lacking Lustre-support for the Wheezy kernel.

Disappearance/Emptiness of /usr/local

The software installation on the central /usr/local NFS server is chaotic, outdated and partly unmaintained. Therefore we decided to make a radical cut and not mount the old /usr/local any more.

We (will, ASAP) provide CVMFS-based software supply mechanisms for Wheezy instead, as is already in place on the Prometheus Cluster (BatchFarm) on Squeeze.

-- ChristopherHuhn - 2011 - 2013

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