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Linux at GSI

TIP Prometheus/Hera decommissioning:

TIP We are currently migrating all machines from NIS to LDAP/Kerberos.
If you have problems to log in, please follow the instructions here: Kerberos.


  • The HPC Department announces operational issues over the GSI-LINUX-ALL mailing list! All owners of a LinuxAccount are automatically subscribed to that list.

  • If you have questions concerning user accounts please contact the User Help Desk (☎ 2515).


We are running Debian GNU/Linux, primarily release 7 (Wheezy) at the moment. For further information on our road-map take a look at the ReleasePlan. Refer to the list of Debian books for a general overview.


Where to continue?

  • MachineTypes -- What is the meaning of these lx... names anyway?

  • FileSystems -- Where to find home-directories of other users, application software, simulation and analysis data? (LustreFs, CvmFs)

Reporting Issues

Beforehand you may want to browse TipsTricks and FrequentlyAskedQuestions, as well as read the "how to" documentation further down.

In case of operational issues open a trouble ticket by sending a mail to

Trouble-tickets should contain the following information:

  1. Your Linux user account name.
  2. The name of the computer you are using.
  3. The error message you receive.
  4. Possibly the command-line your are executing in a shell.

If you are referring to jobs on one of the HPC computing clusters:

  1. The job-identification number (JOBID).
  2. The path to your job wrapper script and/or the commands used to submit your jobs.
  3. The path to your application (binary), and to input and output data.
  4. Log-files and/or core dumps of crashed jobs.
  5. A reproducible example if possible.

Debian Upgrades

Installed Software


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