GSI Lectures on C++ for experimental physicists

Spring 2005, Thursday 10:00-12:00, discussion room DVEE, SB 2.239b
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The first set of sessions ended at 16/06. If you have feedback to improve the lectures or further topics for futures sessions please add them to page CppFeedback or mail to KilianSchwarz.


The lecture series introduces C++ on a level needed to use C++ based frameworks or toolkits for experimental high energy and nuclear physics like ROOT, Geant4, VMC or Go4. The main topics are:
  • General introduction to C++ for programmer. No introduction to programming! Knowledge of at least one programming language is highly recommended.
  • Root introduction and advanced techniques. Prerequisite is the knowledge of C++.
  • Introduction to simulation packages: Virtual Monte Carlo, Geant4. Prerequisite is the knowledge of C++.
  • ...
The lecture program in detail will evolve and can be influenced by the needs of the participants. Feel free to propose topics at TopicList.


  • 05/05, public holiday
  • 12/05, Introduction to STL, AnarManafov (ppt)
  • 19/05, Full day hands-on session: Design&Implementation of an OO Calculator.
  • 26/05, public holiday
  • 02/06, Discussion on previous Calculator hands-on session, PeterMalzacher
  • 09/06, Introduction to Root part II: TCollection, TTree, adding own classes, (pdf) (ppt), JoernAdamczewski

  • 16/06, Full day hands-on session: OO Calculator continued.



C++ Forum at GSI


JoernAdamczewski, Mohammad Al-Turany, Denis Bertini, HansEssel, Xiaomei Li, PeterMalzacher, AnarManafov, RobertManteufel, KilianSchwarz

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