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Under \\Winfilesvb\gsi$gsiroot\ you find the folder E3 . There are many folders for the
eCAD-System .series and project documentations:
Projektordner Z6 In Datenblätter you can find many datasheets (PDF) for electronic, electrical and mechanical components, for measurement devices and control units.
Dokumentation_Hilfe contains presentations and descriptions for E³.series, PLC programming and safety regulations.
In Programme you find development programs (E³, SolidWorks, TwinCAT...).

In Projekte are listed all projects from Uwe Thiemer.
All project files for Z6 you can find under ..\Projekte\Z6
Browse calmly somewhat in the files around.


In order to be able to access on all programs and data simply, there is the main folder Kontrollsystem on the desktop of PPPC070. So you can start easy the programs and you can find fast informations.


Software for Hardwaredesign

The Z6 control system is designed with eCAD-System .series. The name of the projectfile is Z6.e3s . You can open the project with the .viewer: E3view electrical cabinet In the picture you can see on the left side are the structure of the project (schematic, mechanical cabinet...) and under this organization the rooms. It is similarly as a listing tree. Details see under Design.

Software for PLC

The heart of the control system is a soft PLC from Beckhoff (CX1000). This PC without exhausts is equipped with a Pentium MMX CPU, which is clocked with 266MHz, possesses 64MB Flash and 32MB RAM. The operating system is Windows CE.
For configuring the stations and for programming the PLC the program TwinCAT is installed. It starts with PC bootprocess. You can open two parts of the program.
The "System Manager" is for
* configuration the stations
* including the PLC variables and
* linking variables to I/O ports

The "PLC control" is for
* configuration soft PLC
* PLC program development
* compiling program and
* making Bootproject
TwinCAT start

Software for SAFETY

The programming Interface for the safety module are integrated in System Manager.

Software for GUI

The Graphical User Interface is realized with LabVIEW.


Z6 is on 5 areas distributes:
  • 1 Cellar with high voltage PSUs
  • 2 Targetroom + air gate
  • 3 Laserroom with lasers and power supply units (PSU)
  • 4 Measuring container
  • 5 Compressor room + air gate
These areas are numbered in the whole project:
station numbers in System Manager
station numbers

E3 numbering for sheets
E3 numbering

The project design is more exactly descriptive in the article Z6_Steuerung_2.0.pdf (in german).
-- UweThiemer - 30 Oct 2008
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