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TwinCAT system manager

System configuration

The system manager handling you can read in BECKHOFF Information System or in codesys_v23_d.pdf: CoDeSys.

network address

At first open the project file z6_interlock_15verb.tsm: SystemManager PLC Settings
Under SYSTEM-Konfiguration, tabulator CX Settings you can see the VLAN address for CX PLC is 10.10.2. 40. The last number of address shows the place in system:
  • 10.10.2. 10 Cellar
  • 10.10.2. 20 Targetroom
  • 10.10.2. 30 Laserroom
  • 10.10.2. 40 Measuring container
  • 10.10.2. 50 Compressor room


System Manager Tasks The subsection Echtzeit-Einstellungen (realtime configuration) shows a table where you can see in which task the program Z6_Steuerung is running. The Soft-PLC has four tasks (0...3). Our program runs in task 0 with cycle time 10.0ms and the communication port is 801. This was configured in the PLC Control center.

SPS (PLC) configuration

Run Time System

SystemManager_RunTimeSystem For Z6 one Boot Project is running (Port: 801).

I/O list

SystemManager IO List In the Z6 tree you see Inputs and Outputs. All names you have defined in PLC inputs/outputs. The next step is to assign every variable to an real input or output. This is very easy.
1) go to the variable and push the button "Verknüpft m." -> a link window (Variablenverknüpfung) opens
2) go to the input you want to have as hardware input for the variable and push "OK":
SystemManager_IOlink Now the input value from A7, input 1 in cellar you have in variable EOC_32.
After this linking you can jump between input and variable to and fro (right mouse click) SystemManager_IOlink2

I/O configuration

The result of linking you can see in the bus coupler (Buskoppler) section, station cellar (Keller).
SystemManager_IOlink3 The variable EOC_32 is boolean on address 120.0 and receives the value from the input device A7 (KL1408), input number 1. If you click the "Online" tabulator you can see the real signal.

E3 Adressenplan
In the schematic plan you find I/O assignment under "Adressenplan". In this picture you see the example shown on top with the input EOC_32 under Keller (cellar), -A7, E1.

bus coupler I/O address

All IP-adresses are configured with hardware switch on the BK9000 devices. You can see this in the tabulator "IP Adresse".

-- UweThiemer - 10 Dec 2008
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