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TwinCAT PLC Control


The "PLC Control" handling you can read in BECKHOFF Information System.

software structure

PLC Control1 In picture 1 you can see the project " Z6_Steuerung.pro ". On the left side are listed all software parts. The prefix (letters + underline) is used for a better structuring. a_MAIN calls all other programs.
Programs are written in ST (Structured Text) or in the graphical language FUP (FUnction Plan).

inputs, outputs, global variables

PLC2 Picture 2 shows the definition for all global variables and in-/outputs. You find it in the tabulator "resources". The name of in-/outputs will be imported in the SystemManager over the XML-file Z6_Steuerung.tpy.

define target system

PLC Target Under menu item "Online" you find a entry "Auswahl des Zielsystems" (change target). This opens a window where you can change the target system.

compile project

PLC compile Under menu item "Projekt" you find a entry "Alles √úbersetzen" (compile all). The results (compile informations, error messages) are shown in the message window (green framed).
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