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Waste Disposal

This site describes in detail how to dispose different kinds of waste related to the use of the flow cytometer.


  • For the sake of your own health, ALWAYS wear blue gloves, lab coat and safety glasses when handling liquid waste! Keep your mouth closed.
  • Non-toxic solid and liquid waste can be disposed in the normal laboratory waste bin.
  • Solid waste is defined as any solid material (tubes, tips, ...) which has come in contact with toxic liquids but does not or to very small volumes (<200 µL) contain toxic liquids.
  • Liquid waste is defined as any liquid containing hazardous or toxic chemicals (such as DAPI, Hoechst, DHE, Sodium azide, Propidium iodide, Ethidium bromide, ...)
  • Solid and liquid waste must be disposed of separately.
  • The blue FACS waste container contains Sodium azide and rests of chemicals used by the experimentator. It is therefore to be considered as highly toxic and hence as liquid waste.

Solid waste

  • For the sake of easier handling, solid waste is collected in empty ethanol bottles (to be found in the closet next to the Wash lab).
  • This bottle will be disposed of in the normal waste container and will not be collected.
  • No symbol stickers are needed.

Liquid waste

  • All liquid waste, even minor amounts, have to be collected in a separate container.
    • A blue 25 L container can be retrieved from the Zentrallager
    • Appropriate designation has to be written on the container: FACS LIQUID WASTE
    • Appropriate symbol stickers: T (toxic), N (Environmental hazard) have to be applied
  • If the container is full and no blue containers are available, use an empty ethanol bottle.
  • The full container has to be kept and a special disposal will be organized by the technicians in regular intervals.
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